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Support us!

June 6, 2011

Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve been well. Anyway, Chad and I have been working our butts off trying to get an official website for the comic strip live. However, we need some help financially, as all of our money is tied up in bills and school. We pitched our idea to Kickstarter to see if we could get some help there, but alas, they rejected our proposal. SO! We have decided to do this the old fashioned way and ask you folks for help. In order to help you all pry open your wallets, we will post the same rewards for donations that we would’ve had if Kickstarter accepted our proposal. Behold!

$1 – A thank you email to cherish forever and ever.

$5 – A thank you email to cherish forever and ever, as well as your name posted on the Awesome People page (a page on the website devoted solely to financial contributors) forever and ever.

$10 – A personalized sketch of you or someone else, done by me, plus the thank you email and spot on the Awesome People page.

$15 – A song in which Chad will beatbox your name whilst I come up with a riff in Garage Band (which will be sent to you as an mp3), plus the sketch, thank you email and Awesome Person page spot.

$20 – A video thank you that you may cherish forever in which Chad and I do a short silly skit or something of the sort, plus the spot on the awesome people page.

$25 – An appearance in the strip, plus the thank you email and spot on the Awesome People page.

$50 – An appearance in the strip plus a short story about how the donor is a complete and total badass, plus the email and Awesome Person page spot.

$100 – All of the above: comic strip appearance, short story, thank you video, beatbox song (plus mp3), personalized sketch, awesome person page spot, and thank you email.

The good thing about not using Kickstarter is that there is no limit to what you can donate now. We would’ve had to set up a cap, and if we didn’t get enough donations in time, we’d get nothing at all and nobody would get their prizes. But by doing things this way, you are guaranteed your prize, plus you get it right away instead of having to wait (or potentially not get it at all). The old-school method also allows for usage of Paypal, which Kickstarter does not have. So spread the word and donate!



Wise fwom your gwave!

May 31, 2011

You awake in a darkened room; a room that was once inhabited by creatures bursting at the seams with life. Suddenly, footsteps from far away echo into your ears and a click is heard. The room is now flooded with light and a series of droids enter the room, cleaning every nook and cranny. The dust and mold that once surrounded you is now replaced by a fine luster.

What I’m trying to say is that we’re back, we’re going to be posting the comics here again, and next week will be full of E3 coverage. Stick around.

TheChadster’s Vlog: Quick Update

July 19, 2010

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing great. I’ve been sick lately, so my site updates have been at a standstill; and now I’m backed up on stuff I had planned to write about by maybe a week. Though as soon as I get better I’ll flood you good folks with new content graciously. Anyway, here is my new video.

Nerd is the Word #002 – Meet Yuni

July 11, 2010

#002 - Meet Yuni

A Little Bit About Yuni

So I’ve yet to come up with a last name for her, but Yuni is one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever created. In fact, all of the upcoming characters are. They transcend the typical webcomic formula of two main characters, one wacky and one sarcastic. It’s a done to death formula that’s been done since the days of The Odd Couple. Anyway, Yuni is a unicorn girl (Yuni sounds like unicorn, get it? Eh? Ehh???) who is the product of a one night stand between a forlorn unicorn and a woman enamored with the party lifestyle. Has she ever met her unicorn daddy? What about her party hardy mommy? Has she ever been the last person picked for a game of leapfrog? What’s her cup size? Has she ever put an eye out? I can answer all these questions with a resounding “No fucking idea.”  Just keep reading and clamoring for more! Third comic is written and the rough sketches are done. Expect it sometime next week!

Skype Harassment Theater, Episode 1

June 20, 2010

Artist's depiction of random Internet lurker.

Hello, all! Quazo here! The article I’m currently writing is taking a little bit longer than expected, so to tide you all over, I’m going to share with you all a little thing I like to call Skype Harassment Theater. Occasionally, I’ll change the settings on Skype to allow anyone and everyone to contact me, and sometimes a crazy Internet lurker will try their damnedest to belittle, berate, and bemuse me, all in vain. The following conversation is real, unedited, and, as one would expect, rather vulgar.  So without further ado, I bring you the first of many installments of Skype Harassment Theater.  Enjoy.

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:09 PM
DAAAAAAAAAAMMMN haha  what a  pussy

Quazo  7/30/09 5:11 PM

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:12 PM
wha wha wha  what  nooow
let me break your nose

Quazo  7/30/09 5:13 PM
sorry, but I already promised someone else that they could break my nose.
you’ll have to schedule an appointment.

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:13 PM
you suuuuuuucks  kiss my ass  u got nothing on my girly

Quazo  7/30/09 5:14 PM
I would certainly hope not, considering I’m a dude.

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:15 PM
whatever  hahah  i dont care u  look like a pussy

Quazo  7/30/09 5:16 PM
Did you ever consider the possibility that lady parts just look like me?
I mean, I’m not second guessing your judgment or anything. I’m just saying consider the possibility.

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:17 PM
bla bla    shut the fuck up

Quazo  7/30/09 5:18 PM
Well, I am a nerd, I can’t refute that.  It’s a bit late into the conversation to ask, but do we know each other?

NooKiE  7/30/09 5:19 PM
höööä   ?

Quazo  7/30/09 5:22 PM
Is that what I was supposed to be doing right now?  Man, this throws off my entire day.  I guess I should get going on that, huh?  In the meantime, I’m going to have to block you.  Take it easy and thanks for the advice!  =D

test post

June 15, 2010

test post is testing.