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The World of Mirrodin is now Besieged by the Phyrexian (Part 1)

January 23, 2011

Hey everybody! This is the first Magic: The Gathering article I would like to add to expand our geekery to the fullest.  This is the perfect time now that we are just a week away from the Mirrodin Besieged pre-release. With that said, this is the time for SPOILERS! 😀 We got roughly half of this small set spoiled over the past week, the rest of the cards to be revealed soon during this next week. Now I would like to share my 5 favorite preview cards from the past week with 5 more to come on Friday’s article. Keep in mind I haven’t played with any of these yet and my opinion is open to change as I experiment with the new cards in the format. I might find some hidden gems, or cards that look good now may become utter crap. So let’s get started!