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The Top 10 Anime Convention Survival Rules

June 22, 2010

Smell nice, or she'll fucking cut you.

As your neighborhood-friendly convention veteran, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen flawless cosplay, godawful cosplay, drunks, hyperactive teen girls fawning over my Link costume, geriatrics in kimonos and cat ears, creepy furries, puking Narutards, adorable gothic lolitas that plant the dirtiest thoughts into the minds of men and women alike, and everything in between. And in my close to a decade of convention experience, I’ve noticed a few trends that, when followed, allow for a fun-filled long weekend and, when disregarded, cause cons to be 72 hours of misery-flavored Pocky. Consider these to be your Ten Commandments of Anime Conventions, if you will.