About Otakuz With a Z

So… what’s with the Z?

The letter Z is edgy, figuratively and literally.  Just like the glorious Z, so are we.

What separates you from other blogs (or blogz, even)?

We tell it like it is. We’re sure you’ve heard that before, and I’m sure other places have proven it, but we’re not afraid to lead you into the uncharted wilderness of the internet armed with only our dry wit, anger of all things made of fail, and a flotsam of foul (but honest) language.

What topics do you cover?

A little bit of everything! Since we’re both nerds of different varieties, we can accurately cover a wider array of nerdy and geeky topics, such as anime, movies, music, video games, and more!

But I don’t wanna read!!!

Quit whining, you sound like your mother! Not all of our entries will be in text form. Some will be video blogs, podcasts, interpretive dances, etc.

Really? Interpretive dance?

Well, I dunno. Dance-central video games are becoming more prevalent. So I answer your question with a resounding “possibly.”

Isn’t “otaku” a derogatory word?

Okay, this is where we get a bit more edgy. While otaku is considered a less than favorable term in Japan (calling yourself an otaku in Japan is like admitting you’re a stalker), I’ve decided that it has potential to be turned into a positive amongst nerds and geeks alike in the same fashion that African-Americans have (to a certain extent) turned the N-word into a term of endearment amongst themselves. (Note: I’m in no way advocating the usage of the N-word and as a “cracker”, I am fully aware that I’m not allowed to use it.)

Also, we have a Z at the end. Edginess, man.

More FAQs will be added soon.


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