Duke Nukem Forever, Afterthoughts


After a terribly long wait, I finally have it…

My thoughts after the break…

So Duke Nukem Forever is a finished game, that’s really all there is to say. It’s not the greatest game ever made by any stretch, but it’s not the worst. I haven’t finished it but I got up to the point where it gets terribly repetitive so I can see myself doing everything I’ve already done before, again. I may have more thoughts when I’m done playing it but I feel as if I already know that this game would have been amazing 5 years ago. I still find the character of Duke Nukem brilliant, don’t get me wrong, and he still makes me laugh. Now I would like to see more of him in the future, in a game that Gearbox can build from the ground up rather than resurrecting a zombie, they own the Duke Nukem IP now. They can make amazing games if they build them from the ground up, like Borderlands. It’s just that for most people, Duke Nukem’s charm has just died… It’s sad to admit but it’s true. It will take a bit of work to revive this video game icon from being the butt of a joke now, but I think it can be done.


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