The World of Mirrodin is now Besieged by the Phyrexian (Part 1)


Hey everybody! This is the first Magic: The Gathering article I would like to add to expand our geekery to the fullest.  This is the perfect time now that we are just a week away from the Mirrodin Besieged pre-release. With that said, this is the time for SPOILERS! 😀 We got roughly half of this small set spoiled over the past week, the rest of the cards to be revealed soon during this next week. Now I would like to share my 5 favorite preview cards from the past week with 5 more to come on Friday’s article. Keep in mind I haven’t played with any of these yet and my opinion is open to change as I experiment with the new cards in the format. I might find some hidden gems, or cards that look good now may become utter crap. So let’s get started!

This dude is badass in the sense that he can’t be countered, can’t be removed by conventional means, and can survive almost any combat if you have 2 open mana. A great 4/4 for 4 with many great abilities to make him a total powerhouse in any deck with some green in it. Then you can even build on him with auras and equipment to make him even more annoying to your opponent.

I’m a big fan of the Phyrexian side, they got many nifty effects such as Infect, Proliferate, and the new Living weapon mechanic. While he may not be an absolute black staple for Infect decks, I see him really shining as a sideboard card for Infect decks or even a win condition for control decks as he can fly through a Wall of Omens or slay some annoying little goblins against red. This guy is essentially Black Knight on steroids for just 1 extra and I can’t wait to play around with him.

I was looking at the spelling on this card and noticed how “Go” was properly capitalized then went on to capitalize “Throat” at the end. If I was in charge I’d call it “Go for the THROAT” because the emphasis is on Throat here. You got a Doom Blade for Fleshlings here, it can remove Black creatures which is where Doom Blade fell short. I can see this getting a considerable ammount of play time in WB, BR, or BG decks where this can kill non-artifacts and White, Red, or Green can take care of Artifacts with their own removal if need be. When the meta-game comes into play, I can see this trading off with Doom Blade in the sideboard when the situation calls for it. Real nice removal spell here.

Now when we see anything that cost over 4 mana, we just laugh at it and push it aside. This guy is a total bomb though and is gonna see a ton of play like Frost Titan did in control decks. He’s a decent flying blocker at 4/6 but his effect is killer. Whenever your opponent needs to draw, you can go ahead and pick 2 more up for some easy card advantage as long as he’s out there. While being on a big meaty stick, he can fly in for some killing as a decent win condition. lol… big meaty stick…

Now we know I have to talk about the new form of my favorite Planeswalker, Tezzeret. The more I look at this 4 mana bomb, the more I like it. You can hunt for the artifact you need, you can turn an artifact into a 5/5 beat stick or blocker, or you can even blow him up on your opponent and put them near death as you take all of that life. Hell, if you have a considerable amount of artifacts out (about 10 or so), just Proliferate him the turn he enters play and blow him up for a ton of damage, maybe even a win. I love this dude and I hope I pull one so I can play around with it some.


One Response to “The World of Mirrodin is now Besieged by the Phyrexian (Part 1)”

  1. Cleftes Says:

    Thrun’s good, but I don’t think he deserved mythic-rare status. When you look at other mythic cards (planeswalkers, sphinxes, colossi, etc.), Thrun’s lack of a game-changing effect is disappointing. If he was also unblockable or had some kind of evasion, that’s a different story, but as it is he has no combat abilities and he still dies to a Wrath of God.

    I’m already drooling over Tezzeret. I want.

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