Hey! It’s been a while!…and Batman!


Hey, it’s TheChadster here, we haven’t posted an update for a while so I’m gonna let ya know what’s up. I’ll be attanding the Bristol Renaissance Fair this Sunday, August 8th. Quazo on the other hand will be at the Northern Michigan Anime Convention in Traverse City, Michigan; so go there and buy his stuff! We will both be at Geek.Kon the weekend of September 3rd-5th but you’ll only be seeing me on the 4th, so there’s yet another chance to buy out all his merchandise and say hi to me! (I’ll be cosplaying as the MGS4 Otacon) I guess that’s it as far as appearances from the both of us. Also school is on the horizon for both of us so that may eat into the site updates slightly. (Read more for the Batman I promised you in the title.)

Now for games! I been playing “StarCraft 2” quite a bit lately and I’ll just say right now that it’s a 10/10 all the way and is quite possibly the best RTS ever made. (Full review to come possibly but it may not be needed since you should have it by now, and it you don’t either your computer is a piece of shit and you’re excused or you’re just a bad person and shame on you!) There’s also Dragon Quest IX which is pretty long but still a pretty good game.

Finally, I wanna talk about a movie I’ve recently watched called “Batman: Under the Red Hood” which was super awesome! At first it felt weird because it’s not the usual Kevin Conroy/Mark Hamill animated feature. In this movie Batman is voiced by Bruce Greenwood and The Joker is voiced by John Dimaggio and they both worked great as their respective characters. Also in the stellar cast we have the most AWESOME man who lived… NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! who does the voice of Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing. Aside from the voice actors I wanna talk about the film itself which was based on the storylines “A Death in the Family” and “Under the Hood” where basically Jason Todd AKA the 2nd Robin gets killed. The rest of the movie focuses much on the “Under the Hood” storyline while flashback scenes show parts from “A Death in the Family” that range from Batman meeting Jason to when Robin gets reckless in just duties resulting in his downfall. The storytelling is great and there’s plenty action and everything else that makes the darker “Batman” storylines pretty damn awesome. I highly recommend checking it out.


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