Movie Review: Adopted (2009) Staring Pauly Shore


Hey kids! Remember Pauly Shore? He stared in movie in the first half on the 1990s; movies such as Encino Man, Son In Law, and Bio-Dome just to name a few.Now Pauly Shore’s newest flick is actually a “mockumentary,” in which he plays himself going to Africa to adopt a child. Now I should point out that most of what you see here is not real, the children and women he flirts with are all actors. Even the guy at the adoption agency and his driver are acting. The most real stuff you’ll actually see are the people he meets and talks to on the street. It actually becomes very evident that the film is a “mockumentary” at least 20 minutes in, because everything else after that would seem just plain creepy if it were all real. Pauly makes you feel like you were watching an episode of “Elimidate”  in the way he spends time with each child, and he actually does reference the show “Elimidate” in the movie, to help preserve the viewers sanity, I hope. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a BAD movie, despite how it sometimes falls on the “weird” or “creepy” side; but that’s always been what Pauly Shore is great at, he’s a very goofy man. Nearing the end of the movie I think I found the heart felt message Pauly was trying convey throughout the movie, though some other people might not get it and just only see his goofiness and think he’s nothing more than a flake, that flakiness really was just the scripted part of the film. There are plenty of funny parts, and I never grew tired of his self-deprecating humor, mostly because he thinks that he’s a washed-up has-been too and he can deliver it in a mostly funny way. Also I found it very believable that Pauly Shore would actually use that “I was on HBO’s ‘Entourage'” line to impress a woman. Aside from Pauly Shore’s performance, the child actors who all have never been on camera before interacted very well with Pauly and it was actually kinda cute. Everything was surprisingly believable and that’s one of the most important things you need in a “mockumentary” because they don’t have many of the real people you get from a documentary.

My final verdict is a 6/10 and I would recommend watching it on the Netflix instant queue if you ever find yourself with nothing on TV one night, and if that’s not an option, go rent it. It’s a bizarre, yet heartfelt, comedy that shows that Pauly Shore still has some steam in him nearly 15 years after his heyday.


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