Leliana’s Song Review (Dragon Age: Origins DLC)


Here is our very first DLC review. I just want to say up front I don’t think something you can download for under $10 is worth giving a numbered score, it’s simply a buy or don’t buy kind of situation because you can’t borrow or rent DLC. It’s just a small add-on that was made to give fans off the game something more to tide them over as they make the sequel, and try new ideas that may not have made it into the full game. Anyway here we go with…

Leliana’s Song is the latest DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, it’s the second stand-alone adventure pack available for 7$ that is not linked to your main character’s adventure. Like “The Darkspawn Chronicles” it’s taken from the perspective from another character in your story, in this case you’re playing through the bard Leliana’s back-story which she has told you about in the main adventure. As you begin you have a party of a rogue, a warrior, and a mage, all set at level 10 with some room or customization with your abilities. This adventure pack is not at all difficult and you shouldn’t die at any point, mainly because you’re overpowered compared to your enemies and you’ll level up so fast too. This is a short adventure with many dialogue options that really don’t change much of what inevitably will happen, it should take you 2 hours at most to complete, and the ending cut-scenes are full of bugs. This is still a neat little story if you want to witness why Leliana is the way she is during the Dragon Age: Origin’s campaign, and I would like to see them do more of these for other members of your party from the main story. Of course after plaything through this, it will make Leliana’s quest in the main game all the more meaningful when you join her to finish her business with Marjolaine.

Is it worth the $7? I’d say yes because it’s a fun little addition to the game plus after you finish this DLC you unlock an item for the main game just as “Darkspawn Chronicles” did.


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